Old Film Processing


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This includes any “old” Kodachrome or Ektachrome stock.

Includes hand processing of your old 50′ cartridge of Kodachrome or Ektachrome 160 Type A or G film. Processing will be a B&W Negative (cannot be projected) and must be scanned.

The original processes for these old film stocks are now defunct. Kodachrome cannot be developed in color and only select Ektachrome stocks can be processed safely in color. Even then, the colors will be faint, muted, shifted and overall, off.

There are no guarantees of recovering images from these stocks, but unfortunately, I must charge either way. I typically get images about 50% of the time on old Kodachrome 40 (KA-II about 30-40% of the time) and about 75-80% of the time with Ektachrome 160.

The images from these old stocks will range from barely visible, with a lot of fogging and emulsion reticulation to pretty decent with recognizable faces.


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